About Us

We are a Family Run Business

We are a Kiwi Family made up of a Teacher, stay at home Parent and young Son who loves being adventurous outdoors. We are young at heart and love hosting parties with fun activities to entertain our family and friends. So we know what kids, families and adults like (or big kids). We purchased a bouncy castle from Tauranga for our own use and upon pick up discovered the seller was selling this business that she had enjoyed for the past 14 years. We jumped at the opportunity to take it over and have appreciated her support in making it a smooth transition for us. Hence we are happy to continue to provide this service in Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty. We have family in Whakatane and Ohope so are also happy to travel that far too.

We haven’t increased any of the previous owner’s prices and have even reduced some of them. We have added some new amusements and are constantly on the look out for different equipment so please keep checking our website. We welcome suggestions of what you would like to have available to hire too :-)

Professional and Safety-Conscious

Just because we are family run doesn't mean we slack off where safety is concerned.  As parents we are very aware of certain aspects of safety, especially when people are having fun. There are certain rules and regulations that we go by to keep everybody safe.  We are also Worksafe NZ compliant. We keep our games and amusements in top condition and regular safety checks are carried out on each device every time they are set up and packed down.

Every physical activity has an element of danger or risk of injury involved.  But we do our best to make sure this does not occur.

Punctuality is important to us and we always want to arrive to our events on time.  We like to get there nice and early so we are all set up before your guests arrive. We pack up as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also leave our area free of rubbish and ground without damage.

We are super excited about this adventure and look forward to helping others host fun, safe and memorable events.

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