School Fundraising

We love to help out schools - We know that in many cases it is the PTA that need to organise fundraising events throughout the year, and they rely a lot on parent contributions of time and money.

Schools need a constant supply of new books, learning tools, sporting equipment, perhaps buildings, play equipment. The list can go on and on.

We can work with you to get the most $$ into your school.

Obviously the key to any event dependent on people attending, is good advertising. Radio, Newspaper, Road signage, Flyers, Social Media etc. And on a par with that, you need to offer entertainment or activities to help get people through the gate. That's where we come in.

We know what makes the most $$ per hour. We know what kids love and if you can get the adults involved too, we have something for them also.

Most of our equipment is suitable for both kids and adults.

Contact us today today to discuss something for your school event!


Tell everybody about what rides are coming to your event!

We have multiple combinations of games and amusements that work really well. Many factors will contribute to tailoring the right package for you, such as the size of your event, your target audience, how many people you expect to attend, the amount of space available and the power situation. We do have generators available for hire if required.So give us a call or send an email, letting us know the details about what you want to achieve - dates, times, numbers of people, venue etc and we can have it sorted for you in next to no time at all :-)

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